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Childish Haiku

Your favorite Muppet

is the puppet you are now

I liked Gonzo best.


Monsters can’t get me

beneath my favorite blanky

I’m safe from the world.


We know there’s no elves

only kids write to Santa

we write to ourselves.


Songs of innocence

through the ears of a child

we learn new language.


And we wonder where

wonder has gone we wise men

lose how to be boys.


Haikus Made From Glass

Time’s sand and stained glass

reflect and refract sunlight

crafting memory.


Something came from naught

therefore, naught came from something

even this nothing.


All colors make white

in the absence of nothing

all paints mixed make black.


A photo of you

like Winter’s sun can’t be felt

I put on my coat.


All I know is what

I used to believe is now

what I make believe.


Tomorrow’s Haikus Today

Live for tomorrow

rehearse for infinity

wake up for today.

Your hand opens mine

finger petals to the sun

fists wilt in caress.

At simplicity

the C chord is just the C

our bodies, the sea.

Dreaming in exhales

spent breath of a dead belief

carbon monoxide.

Tragedy’s funny

when you give it enough time

it’s all comedy.

Coffee reflection

looking deep into the black

drink: who swallows who?

There’s truth in beauty

there’s truth in ugly as well

truth can be two-faced.

What you call fickle

I call flexible as grass

bends to every breeze.

My Haiku Says Too Much

Playing in the lights

performing blind I must feel

my way to laughter.


Beethoven was deaf

when he heard his greatest work

he called Ode To Joy.


The figure skater

always gets up from a fall

though he cannot win.


Wish I was as smart

as I think I am dreaming

waking to these thoughts.


We open our eyes

though we hope to die asleep

this is the dream world.


A Light Lunch of Haiku

The surf weds the sand

they love, then withdraw

wet with memory.


Your once bright spirit

I drink like fire water

from an empty glass.


Light gives in to night

they make love in the sunset

then the birth of stars.


The night is alight

to the tune of fireworks

dancing cha cha cha.


How brave is first light

to break through the night’s fortress

and set free the dawn.


I Haiku You

The curve of your voice

spiraling staircases turn

through your soul’s echo.


You stand behind me

hot breaths on my naked neck

whispering your love.


Our favorite music

even listening alone

sings to us tonight.


Songs aren’t framed photos

you and me would sing this song

now I hear The Clash.


Your erased voice mails

ring silent as a dead tree

one no one heard fall.


In this silent room

I hear foot steps in my hall

coming and going.


New Haiku Deja Vu

Left without a stain

the past drank itself away

empty spirits glass.


Drunk men fall softer

from their galloping horse

than the sober man.


The ocean takes sips

of sand from the rock face and

slowly drinks the cliff.


Writers always write

like a painter has to paint

and you always use.


Lost between the sheets

a grammar never spoken

in lovers’ silence.


Any empty room

has so much more potential

than my furniture.


What’s left at day’s end

a drink, a smoke, and a sigh

an ashtray of words.


Drool on my pillow

the placenta of a dream

wets the afterlife.


Hands of man made time

we chose to spin this clockwise

heads chasing our tails.


Tao is not the Tao

now is not now now or now

now never was now.


Sounds Like Haikus

Sound is malleable

if we can speak in music

we don’t need English.


Shouts upon the waves

sound louder, carry farther

our liquid voices.


Men know from their eyes

women see with their ears

men are deaf and dumb.


The sound of your voice

is an entire choir

set free on the breeze.


Nothing can rouse me

like the note of your bouquet

where fingers can’t touch.


Dreaming in Haiku

Such oppressive cold

makes me miss summer’s sun burn

when bit by frost bite.


There’s nothing left now

except the now that never was

now is the new then.


Spring is impatient

this seasonal alchemy

turns snow into rain.


Time as an abstract

four seasons fall in one day

rewrite calendars.


I awoke today

so sure it was tomorrow

dreaming yesterday.

Love Like Haiku

Nicotine kisses

promises painted in smoke

my smoking hot love.


We once burned so bright

cigarette relationship

poetry of us.


I sift through ashtrays

looking for remains of us

I find only me.


If we were a poem

we were written without rhyme

the tune of haiku.