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Good Luck Crossing the River Styx with a Bouquet of Roses

The flowers we leave for the dead

white lilies

make a lousy bouquet for a first date

but are perfect for the last date

especially if our date is waiting for us six feet below

(talk about a cheap date)

and you meet her at a funeral

and roses seem so inappropriate for a funeral

especially when they’re red

cause life and death are so black and white

except if you’re a ghost

like Bruce Willis in Sixth Sense

then you must be so confused

when the mirror is held up

to you and though you feel alive and well

you’re dead

and you don’t know whether to go to the night or to the light

and so you give grey flowers to the ferry man

who tosses them into the River Styx

and you stand at the riverbank

watching them drift off into the abyss

checking your pockets for change.