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Everybody Goes To The Zoo

I am the ten thousandth monkey typing away at this keyboard

obviously I’m not coming up with Hamlet, but, that I’m writing in coherent English at all

is a major achievement in primate literature

I don’t know how I’m able to do this

I don’t understand a single word I am writing

however, after accepting life itself, every other miracle seems pale in comparison

I don’t have much to compare it to, kept in a cage like this

given a typewriter, a pack of Lucky’s and the odd banana

and you want me to come up with Shakespeare?

What’s the point? It’s already written

and you’re expecting me to envision high court in Denmark

when I have never left this cement cage

they say I was born in captivity

but when captivity is all you know

the jungles sound scary

that’s what I like best about the zoo

its order

put us monkeys here and keep the lions way over there

and let the inspiration that brought us together remain a mystery

cause if we could see

what’s behind the magic curtain

we’d never venture to Oz

knowing the brain, heart and courage we seek

we already have

we would lose the wisdom of the journey

and the thrill of the adventure

the cure for cancer hides somewhere in the Amazon forest

but if we’re too scared to set foot into its untamed majesty

we will never domesticate our fear

and kill the killer of millions

dying without knowing we could live forever

just ask Shakespeare

though he’s immortal

he doesn’t know it


You Are not Reading This Now

     “What we do in our dreams we also do when we are awake:

                                     we invent and fabricate the person with whom we associate-

                                     and immediately forget we have done so.”


We sleepwalk through the night

stepping in and out of the future like it’s presently the past

waking feeling cheated of what never was.

A third of our life


haunted by dreams

hunted by reality.

Dreaming we never dream we have the capacity

to turn around and chase the monsters back into their shadows

the alarm clock kills


come crash landing into reality

with no black box to record the final seconds before impact

just drool on the pillow

and the airplane trails fade in morning clouds

back to yesterday is the same as the day

before  yesterday is the same as any day

before yesterday

today was yesterday tomorrow.

And you’re not reading this now

when you tell me about it tomorrow.

I knew you’d tell me you didn’t understand.

Catching Up To The Curveball

If I just get one crack at this

one swing at life

it’s better to go down swinging

though going down looking and going down swinging look the same

in the box score

to those watching the game

there’s always more respect towards those who tried.

My Dad used to drive me crazy

coming to my Little League games

and clapping as I walked head down to the dug out

after striking out

and after the game I’d ask him only to clap if I got a hit or a walk

cause it looks like my Dad’s cheering against me when he applauds when I strike out

but he’d tell me

“I’m just happy you’re doing it!”

it’s taken nineteen years away from baseball

and eight years away from my father

to catch up to

what this means.

God’s Bodyguard

We should exchange history books and bibles

to read to see the differences

are all the same

Muslims Jews and Christians all revere the prophet Abraham

so what does it matter if the Torah tells of the offering of Isaac as a sacrifice

when the Koran says it was Ishmael?

Both brothers came together to bury their father

why can’t we bury the hatchet

and make peace with the fact that

we are all brothers and sisters

under a God who doesn’t need us to protect us from Him

I may not know the thoughts of the Lord

but I know I know enough to write

that should He exist

He is bigger than any petty problem we may have with punctuation

or bad writing

I could write to hell with God or Allah or Buddha

doesn’t make Him go there

God is bigger than any word or badly acted movie we could make

He doesn’t need us to be His bodyguard

when the opposite is true.

The Weight of Light

I understand your moody seasons.

I know why you have to be yourself, why sometimes it’s gray.

Night, I know intimately,

we’ve shared countless cups of coffee.

Colors are all chameleons,

not even light is constant,

dying out all day long,

gasping for breath, choking on shadows.

This white shirt under black light

shines the truth between reality and illusion.

Or, how the light of an entire universe can be

snuffed out in the glow of a single streetlight.

Still, you rise like Hope itself every morning

to prove you have not given up on this world below.

Nurturing Mother Nature

The future ain’t what it used to be

you know what the great mystic Yogi Berra means

when he says

it ain’t over til its over

even if the fat lady sings

we’re the miracle of Jesus

we’re the pebbles skipping across the sea

sparking the phosphorescent algae

to sparkle like fireworks upon the waves

neon green and yellow explosions bubbling in the wakes

Mother Nature is the master of alchemy

blending the magic of man

and her invention of watery pyrotechnics

the pebble the flint

the algae the gunpowder

the night the spotlight’s hint

as I throw another stone into the ocean asunder

I sense the flow of life throw me

back to the sea to start again

to learn to breathe without gills again

but better this time

I know that though it is I

to trigger these inky explosions of light and color

I am just the middle man between God and Mother Nature

and though I throw this stone to the sea

I know that it is this stone that throws me.

Stars on The Moon

Neil Armstrong was the first to reach 238,857 miles

Sir Edmund Hillary was the first to reach 29,029 feet

Michael Jackson was the first to reach 100,000,000 albums sold

now how we crown celebrities

pay people millions of dollars

just to look good on television

though they’ve said little more than they like cheese

they shine as stars

the glitterati we project above us

like the laser show at the planetarium

real stars are silenced by the sun

fake planetarium stars are killed at the flick of a switch

turning the house lights on

turn the stars pale

lost in the lights

like a fly ball the left fielder can’t reach

still he looks good on a cereal box

so he’s famous

though he can’t hit a breaking ball

still Neil Armstrong shines brighter than them all

and where is his box of Wheaties?

Where is his basketball shoe?

Here he is, the inventor of the moonwalk

and you wouldn’t have recognized him had you had the pleasure of bumping in to him

some would say Neil Armstrong is the greatest actor ever

staging the moon landing

and never breaking character for over forty years

the man is higher than the moon

his name will live longer than our paparazzi induced diet of fame

waiting for when trendy is not being trendy

fashion is unfashionable

fame is obscurity

and we can stop looking to the stars to guide us

one small step for man

one giant leap for mankind.

Coloring In Chaos

Why is the sky blue?

Cause blue is the shortest of all light

so it gets refracted the most

not such a mystery

unless you want it to be

by asking deeper questions

let’s see

why is blue the shortest wave length?

By whose design does this bounce this way every single day?

If chaos was really in control

one day we’d wake up to a sky a color we’ve never seen.

I Pray For Dumb Luck

Though God may not play craps with the universe

we’re all gambling on what comes after

God rolls the bones

still life moves fast

and still

even if you studied the game of dice your entire life

you could never say for sure

what will be read from each die

even an educated guess is ignorant to the laws of luck

luck, good or bad, tops all

“Good luck!” is our favorite good bye

cause your best pension comes not from hard work

but by buying a winning lottery ticket

we are all potential millionaires

even the laziest, least talented bastards amongst us

sure, the harder I work, the luckier I get

but all the smartest decisions I ever make

can’t trump dumb luck

cause even if the House has rigged the game

doesn’t mean the roulette wheel can’t short circuit

and make me a millionaire

still souls have no pockets to hold money

and when the House is ready

to cash in

I’m all in on betting on God

it’s the safe bet

cause the House always wins.