Monthly Archives: August 2014

Big Bang Thank You Ma’am

The science of emotion

goes beyond the truth

of one plus one equals two

cause sometimes one plus one equals three

and one of those three

wishes it was two

and the whole equation implodes

and chemically you can dissect a tear drop

but when science can explain its origin

is when I’ll become a mathematician.


Godforsaken Poetry

The Greeks solved all

their dramas

with deus ex machina

Beckett threw them all a monkey wrench

with Waiting for Godot

now I write this waiting for my Muses

to waltz with my finger tips upon this keyboard dance floor

to lead me to where this poem is meant to go

if this is it

then I want to know why

God only knows what my reader must want

I guess that’s up to you

my deus ex machina

to save me from bad poetry

because if you like this

then this must be good poetry.


To Have Read Red In Chinese

Everything is in Chinese

until you learn Chinese

and see


is foreign

when you read

the language

and believe

we all speak

in primary colors

blue and yellow always make green

and you’ve read


in Chinese

is the same



you’ve always seen.

Panama Birth Canal

We survived the memory of our birth

then we lost it

or did we

don’t we see it every time we look directly at the sun

and every total eclipse

is the shadow of death

allowing us to look it straight in the eye

and say

I’ll be seeing you again soon.

I Lost What I Never Had

I lost what I never had

gone before it ever was

like getting lost on Google maps in a city I’ve never been


this feels more real

because I thought I could taste it

the aftertaste of a meal never eaten

starving for a future that has already passed

the aftermath of a bomb that was never dropped

and I sit here wondering

what I was waiting for

watching airplanes fly by

off to destinations

I can only imagine

are more beautiful than here.


Lost When Found

I never came so close to nowhere

as when I was somewhere with you

your sense of direction

got me lost

north was south

east was west

here was there

and we were always somewhere in between

so I smashed my compass against the earth

and looked inward

to where I had to go.

One by One

The sum is greater than the value of its parts

if only this was the motto of the Earth

and we could all see beyond borders

to the other side

to know we are both sum and parts

of this spheroid

we all call home.

Light’s Cold War

Light lost to twilight

is simply seen as dusk

history written by the winner

upon the triumphant stars

in the language of constellations

read by astronomers

interpreted by madmen

across the heavens

lost to dawn.