Monthly Archives: February 2016

Religion Trumps Science

Science stopped counting four lines ago

and we just got started one line back

so much for science

when it tries to define whatever this is

and even this can’t say what this is

and Einstein jumps the gun

and there are two nuclear explosions

and Albert apologizes though it’s not his fault

that the world went wild with science

when men saw Prometheus as a religious figure

when men took nuclear bombs as impossible

though God could do nothing

when men saw Prometheus as a scientific figure

when men were welding together the Enola Gay

today when men see Prometheus as both a religious and scientific figure

we get machine guns in the hands of religious zealots who know their holy books to death

but feel none of them

so they can kill because they are psychopaths

and we get Jerusalem and New York and Paris and Fort Wayne, Indiana

without an article anywhere that Fahad had married Mary

and lived to love

for ever more.