Monthly Archives: October 2016

The Infinite Finished Yesterday (So Now What Are You Gonna Do?)


and Everything and

Everything in between

is where we find ourselves


on either flipside of this coin

here/there we are anywhere

even when we can’t make heads or tails of anything or Everything

we still see the possibility of Everything

so big

we already repeated Everything five times

The Fly Flew The Coop (Even a Fly with All His Eyes)

Trapped between the window screen and the door

like a fly that got caught before making a break for

the outside

after having spent the entire afternoon stuck inside

a house that the non denominated fly would call hell

a hell where you can see the trees but you weren’t free to flea them

cause if the fly flew straight outside

he would bump into an invisible force

that we would call a window

but the fly would call a force field

until the front door opened and the fly with all its eyes saw its chance to fly

and flew a bee line straight for the open door and infinity

escaping the finite confines of this detached bachelor’s inside

only to fly eye first into the screen door slamming shut

and seeing that even the infinite is relative