Monthly Archives: March 2015

You Are Who You Eat

I went fishing once

and the fish caught me

cause I couldn’t gut it

I couldn’t keep it

I had to let it go

seeing its fish eyes bulging

watching it dying in the air I breathed

was too much for this ten year old to take

so I tossed it bleeding and bloodied

back into the lake

that was the day

I stopped eating sushi

and I’ll stop eating steak

when I have such an intimate connection

with a cow.


Mozart Is Alive While Harold Lloyd Died

The shelf life of comedy

is as long as the laugh that  comes after it

while the shelf life of music

can supersede the symphony of plutonium itself

just listen to Mozart

just watch a Harold Lloyd movie

you will hear

you will see

what I mean

still we need to be funny

knowing it is so temporary


is it insanity

when the great Harold Lloyd would have died for his comedy

when Buster Keaton broke bones for a joke

few know

how easy Mozart had it

sitting on the piano bench writing A Little Night Music

while Harold Lloyd hung twelve stories above New York without a net

and Buster Keaton literally broke his neck.


Why The Salmon Rode The Motorcycle

How many fish get to the ocean’s skim

see the beach

see the bathers’ feet

and think

‘what’s out there for me?’

As we look to the stars

and wonder

about life on Mars

thank God

thank evolution

that some had the fish guts

to see

how far

our dreams can take us.