New Haiku Deja Vu

Left without a stain

the past drank itself away

empty spirits glass.


Drunk men fall softer

from their galloping horse

than the sober man.


The ocean takes sips

of sand from the rock face and

slowly drinks the cliff.


Writers always write

like a painter has to paint

and you always use.


Lost between the sheets

a grammar never spoken

in lovers’ silence.


Any empty room

has so much more potential

than my furniture.


What’s left at day’s end

a drink, a smoke, and a sigh

an ashtray of words.


Drool on my pillow

the placenta of a dream

wets the afterlife.


Hands of man made time

we chose to spin this clockwise

heads chasing our tails.


Tao is not the Tao

now is not now now or now

now never was now.


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