Monthly Archives: January 2015

Here Gets Around

Here is everywhere

nowhere doesn’t exist

and here we are three lines in

to the somewhere we’ve created

in our minds

close your eyes

seriously, close your eyes

you can’t read this properly unless you close your eyes

we’ll meet again on the next line


nice to see you again

on this side of light

and through this sheen of this computer screen

we invent meaning

from the dark letters

glistening upon this bright white seam

to seem

to mean

exactly what you believe

we see.




Playing Sir Sandford Fleming Every Morning

This cigarette lies dying

at this speed of this sunset

and as I close my eyes I’m smoking the sun

beneath a sky of fiery ashes

watching this blood red moon rise as the grumpy phoenix awakes

this is the hope of night

and the power of addiction

that when you’ve given up on a day

that stabbed you awake

with the assault of your alarm clock

sure, you’re the one who set it

but it doesn’t mean it’s gotta be so bitchy

about it

every 7:50

every morning

there’s always time

for one more smoke.


This Reads Better In Its Original Pig Latin

Thinking in a foreign language

gives me a personality disorder

wonderful when

I’m already a self-diagnosed schizophrenic

and in Italian I am retarded

by vocabulary

but to Dante’s Inferno with vocabulary

when I know less than 2000 words

and even less rules of grammar

this is when I must be my most creative

to see

the only meaning before me

is made up of the only vocabulary

I’ve ever studied

and to hell with metaphor and poetry

I’m simply satisfied if you understand me

in any language

which could be Mongolian

witch could be English

which could be


if translated properly

problem being

I don’t even know what the hell

any of my spells mean.


Even Nothing Means Something

There’s something about nothing

that means something about nothing

if this is true

then nothing can exist

but how can the lack of everything

mean anything?

And how can nothing mean something?

You got me

when we all exist

on nothing more

than the something

we think

we believe.