Monthly Archives: June 2015

Heaven’s Punchline

I’m hell bent on reaching heaven

but not tonight

if I get there


if not

I gave it my best shot

and should I meet the Devil

I trust he’s got a better sense of humor

than Saint Peter

and we’ll laugh at how close I came to making it to paradise.

Get Get

It’s easy to blame past lives

for the mistakes of this present life

that’s what makes me an optimist

it’s not my fault

it was my fault

I’ll do better starting now

I just wish I was a Buddhist so I could believe this shit.

Memory Will Forget This, Too

In time memory will forget this, too.

Hell, one day not even I will remember what I did today.

Sure, it all seems so relevant now

but now so is fickle

if you think now lasts forever you too are a fool

drunk on the boilermaker of never and forever

which makes us throw up now

the spin of the world mixed with the sitting on our ass

drinking so much something is happening

even when it’s just getting progressively drunk

and suddenly sentences are running together

and we don’t care

so we don’t put a period down

even when we think we ought to just out of spite.


cause we’re not spiteful people.


I just hate being told what to write

which is why I try to write this poetry.