Monthly Archives: March 2014


I had that dream again where I’m having that dream again

I wonder if insects can dream, especially bugs that live a single day

dolphins have to remember to breathe

if I were a dolphin

breathing would always be at the top of my To Do list right after: avoid tuna nets

I got caught today

though my horoscope told me I didn’t have to do anything today and good things would find me

maybe I did too much

Julius Caesar gave us July

Augustus gave us August

and The Marquis de Sade gave us January and February

I just discovered the power of control-alt-delete

wish I could apply it to all my relationships

I’m going back to bed


wish me luck.

Do The Math

Let it go

can mean

many things


let it be


to go


to be

so go


or go

to town on me

buy me

sight unseen

sell me

slightly used

only the tiniest bit beaten

and abused

but still in decent working order

on ebay

to the highest bidder

so I know

I’m going to

one who wants to


how the sum of one plus one

equals a twosome.

How Do You Like Them Rotten Apples?

Measure me in kilos

measure me in pounds

measure me in bursts of hot air and black holes

get my height weight and shoe size

but you’ll never get inside

into the infinite

where we’re always expanding

even while we think we’re shrinking

and if the shape of man is in a question mark

and we’re always hunched over

in the dark

like Newton on the bottom of the sea

measuring to see exactly where he is

while where he is

is drowning at the bottom of the sea

and if we just look up or out in front of me

I’d better believe

reality before any theory

and surely

coming up with The Theory of Gravity

is no paper weight

let’s not lose sight of the apple

that beaned Sir Isaac right on the bean

and the simple seed

that had blossomed into such an inspirational fruit

why should any man get credit for the ‘Theory’ of ‘Gravity’?

how bout giving all credit to the creator of the reality

that can turn a seed into an apple tree

dropping wisdom dressed as rotten apples

off its branches

setting seeds of inspiration free

and who needs Newton

to see gravity?

Willy Loman Will Never Die

The karma of drama

didn’t hit the acting students

til their teacher pointed out their lack of it

questioning why A would ask B “where are you going?”

when B’s just standing there going no where

“You’ve got to give A a reason to ask where you’re going,” the teacher told B

B laughed seeing his mistake

next time he would move for the door before the line

how easily we must move each other

inspire us to come

so many reasons to go

then black out


til back on stage

for the next show.

3 Most Important Things In The World

The top news of the day

Adorable girl plays with rescued pony

on top of

Kim Kardashian storms out of Vienna Ball

third headline was

Man wakes up in body bag at funeral home

these are the three most important things in the world

according to

and so I watched videos and read these stories

and now I am up to date with the news

though don’t ask me anything political

unless you want a run down on the ten best dressed world leaders

don’t get me on the controversy of Michelle Obama coming in at number one

I also clicked through thirty pictures of ‘ugly celebrities’ with their makeup off

again Michelle Obama at number one

I’m starting to think that maybe is slightly biased for the Americans

cause don’t ask me any more about, say,  Asia, than Jackie Chan

and I know Africa is out there somewhere

but please don’t ask me to point out where

I get all my news from

so I know

there’s a Rob Ford parody float featured in the Mardi Gras parade

don’t tell me

I don’t know

what’s going on.