Reading the Skydiving Manual While Skydiving

Gravity goes both ways

when you know


is possible

when you find yourself falling up

having been blown up

by a bad barbecue

that will kill you

but your immediate family will make millions from

but that doesn’t change the facts, son

that life insurance

doesn’t insure life

and only pays out

as death suits

after yelling to the fellow falling down

“No, I don’t!”

to his question:

do you know anything about parachutes?


Even Elephants Forget Their Birth

Why are we denied memory from the first two years of our lives?

My friend, Evan can’t even remember yesterday.

What’s your earliest memory?

Mine is meeting my friend, Evan when I was two

I remember this because I have practiced this

memory since Evan and I are still friends.

Baby photos discover what we’ve lost

so when will we discover what we’ve found?

It’s like discovering a black hole

and even if we outlast infinity

we’ll still be waiting

and wanting something more

How We Fall

Look out,

we’re all jumping out of the 103rd floor of the south tower of the World Trade Center

September 11th, 2001

and we chose to jump instead of burn to death

and as we fall to our last breath

our only options are

do we scream

or do we enjoy the fall?


I’m screaming too.

All I Need to Learn about Male/Female Relationships I Learned from the Nature Channel

Running across the March ice

of Lake Erie

(even its name says

it’s eerie)


how that ice might look safe


it’s eerier

cause it could break

at any second


how thin is the difference between fear and terror

when you fall through winter’s ice in spring

even when you’re running your fastest

across this frozen spider’s web

like a male spider

attempting to reach the black widow spider

even after her ripping off his seven arms and legs

in his attempt at love

and sex

he strums his last remaining leg along

her finely weaved web

and the male spider’s thinking:

I’ll get her this time.

Abraham Agreed to Kill His Son in Several Tongues

There’s nothing more important

in this world to more people

than their religion

therefore it is our duty

both as citizens of this society

and all other societies

to know which so called God challenged Abraham to sacrifice

Isaac or Ishmael

and ultimately how much does this matter

when either way Ibrahim went with Allah

or Abraham went with God

we’re all brothers and sisters

and third cousins twice removed

thanks to this

and Facebook.

When Your Hospital Wants You To Call

It’s scary stuff when your hospital feels the need to mail you

a formal envelope

your first question is: am I dying?

Your next is: how do I feel right now? I have a sore throat; I must be dying

says the hypochondriac

and the idiot

and in my case both

and in your case

your writer

and your reader


now knows

the words within the formal envelope

spell out sentences asking me to make a checkup because it’s been

so long since I’ve had a doctor’s hand

up my ass

so now I know

I’m fine

but either way one day

but that’s OK

because I scheduled my death some time between now and infinity.

Renting the Penthouse to the Tower of Babel

The stars were once wrenched

from the fabric of this universe

tossed into an intense kiln heat

burning till they settled into ourselves

though now we don’t know how

where when we came from

some take to religion

some take to the moon

some make the moon their religion

through periods, times and Ramadans

all thrive on this lunar tide

dancing into the Sea of Tranquility

swimming backstrokes to infinity

still language keeps us from

being we

when we were we and we were this close to divinity.