this is not a poem

what we do in our dreams
we do in our reality
our surreal is as real as our real is surreal
I have never murdered or raped anyone in any of my dreams
and even with my intrusive imagination
I can’t even scheme of
raping or murdering anyone in any reality I’ve ever been
but I can dream of lassoing unicorns
while surfing rainbows
even with my eyes open wide
I can dream
of anything
when I can’t


Don’t Take Creation So Personally

imagine two molecules meeting split seconds before colliding into the big bang

do you think they’d be petty? pretty? competitive? hungry?

i bet they’d be too busy inspiring a universe

to worry about who they were wearing

or who they were offending

What Goes Through Your Mind Just Before Your Parachute Opens

I was closer to death sixteen years ago

walking the banks of the Ganges and coming upon the first funeral pyre of my


and death

and I watched the body burn and I knew one day I’d be next

and the fire is obviously not hurting the burning body

so what do I have to fear?

And for a second there

Varanasi took me from

my fear of death

to my fear of life

cause we gotta fear something, right?

or where’s this adrenaline coming from

I taste like sucking pennies after leaping from this perfectly good airplane

that took off from the same ground I hope to land on

to carry me through this interview with the divine



Socrates Is Stupid

Most of us know our city limits

but I bet most of us have no idea how stupid we really are

I’m lucky I know I’m an idiot

if Socrates says he knows only that he knows nothing

and that’s really smart

and I know even less than that

how smart does that make me?

at least when you know you know nothing you can’t get any stupider

the danger is when you know something

only to discover you never knew anything

something a 1980’s high school History student who failed his History test

can attest to

because he didn’t circle ‘Columbus’

as the answer to

who discovered America?

Now this same student finds himself as teacher in a high school classroom

not knowing how to answer to:

“If they were wrong about Columbus- what’s to say they aren’t wrong about Leif Erikson?”


Prophet’s Profits

No prophet ever profited off a prophesy

if someone’s selling you the future now know

you’re paying way more than market value.

Knowledge is what you think you know

wisdom is when you know you don’t know

and regret is when you didn’t know but you still paid for it with what you

thought you knew.

Lights Are Brighter on the Other Side of the Lake

Lights across Lake Ontario

sometime get lost in fog and smog

shine bright tonight

and from this sight of fifty miles of dark water

Rochester, New York has more constellations than the milky way

it’s easier to believe in streets unseen in Rochester than in God

because I can see the lights of Rochester, New York

but, God

who like the sun

continues to play peek-a-boo

in the fog and smog

What’s Up, Zeitgeist?

Knock knock

who’s there?

the zeitgeist of right now

the zeitgeist of right now who?

You tell me.

We grow into

ourselves when we grow to see ourselves

in this mirror reality so clearly

without false lighting or makeup

to light up our beauty

while hiding our scars

and now how do we look?


Like Frankenstein after under the scalpel

of Europe’s best plastic surgeon?

You tell me.