Monthly Archives: February 2015

Seeing Beyond Infinity

The sun doesn’t rise

nor does it set

we do

but we’re all so small

and our eyes are so wide

we think we believe


while in dim light

our eyesight


looking into nothing

from the corners of our eyes

we see


we can’t see

when we



into the possibility

of everything

look left

when you want to see right.

The Science of Karma

Karma is science

why must we fight this?

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

the Golden Rule

read your holy books

they all say the same

and even if you don’t know the meaning of dharma

you do

the universe is not trying to trick you

truth lies before you

and it’s not lying

just you do.

My Peter Pan Complex

I have a Peter Pan complex

cause my name is Peter

and I hang out with ferries

I’m forty

at least that’s what my birth certificate laughs at me

and my back after shoveling snow

but I still have a favorite color

and a favorite baseball player

and a favorite show

and a favorite waste of time

and I find

growing up is such a waste of time

losing the genius of childhood

which has unfortunately become my hobby

cause I practice it more than being a boy

so now my genius plays coy

pretending to be an idiot

and I pretend I can’t see it

while playing peek-a-boo

with my age.

Does Time Count On You?

The sun constantly rises

as it always sets

in a sky as wide as

the side of this ocean you’re standing at

and if you could fly as fast as the sun

you would never see the stars

just one big mean old celestial body

cause the sun is the single star that burns you

no constellation

not even the arrow of Apollo

can scorch you

night cloaks you

makes you stronger than the cyclopes

to the attack

of these heavenly bodies

the violence of their supernovas

dulled by darkness

the light of