Monthly Archives: October 2013

Childish Haiku

Your favorite Muppet

is the puppet you are now

I liked Gonzo best.


Monsters can’t get me

beneath my favorite blanky

I’m safe from the world.


We know there’s no elves

only kids write to Santa

we write to ourselves.


Songs of innocence

through the ears of a child

we learn new language.


And we wonder where

wonder has gone we wise men

lose how to be boys.


Childish Heroes

So many of my childhood heroes

now lay in ruins

underneath this broken Acropolis

beneath my hands and feet

where I used to bow below their pedestal

I now walk up to reach the Parthenon

this perch upon the Acropolis

this temple built by pagans

that has served as a church and mosque and weapons magazine

surviving Zeus, Allah and even Christ Himself

until the very same ammunition it had been keeping

to guard against its own destruction

set off to turn 2000 year old pillars into pebbles

burying heroes in to time capsules

to be dug up in memory mocking poetry

with its reality

reminding what is real and what can never be

till we need

to turn poetry into reality

as it can be for children

believing anything is possible

even the powder keg of make believe.