Monthly Archives: December 2014

Me and Socrates

Looking at this blank screen

mirrors me

screaming at this blank mind

echoes me

and we can panic

knowing we know nothing

or we can start the festivities

as we soon as we know as much as Socrates


if I know as much as that bastard

then I’m smarter than I’ll ever know.

Burying The Survivors

If a plane crashes in the middle of Lake Ontario

where do you bury the survivors?

Wherever the hell you want to

to each their own

we all deal with death differently

even if that means burying the living

somewhere deep

within the dirt of our memory

somewhere where they won’t ever find us

where we know we won’t ever meet again

it’s why we weep at every funeral

knowing we might be next

and there’s a good chance

we won’t get this good a showing.

Roasting Marshmallows over the Phoenix

When we’re this close to that close

so we think we know

how close we are

to too close

how I can see the sun

but I can’t feel the sun

and how far we are to the sun

till we’re hit on our wings


when reality seems to be

dripping off a Seurat painting

hanging in this gallery


when all we can see

are the dots as they can be


and not as this smoke burning

these wings

when these wings land

upon the fireplace channel

playing upon the screen of the tv

to bring filmed reality

to heat what we can ever see

and what we can never feel

can it be

that what we can never see

is simply infinity

if we

can just


that we

can’t see





This Side of 40

Time has the stealth of a jungle cat

the tiger never announces himself to his prey

that cat knows when to purr and when to pray and when to shut the fuck up

and let the shadows work their magic

and sixteen years ago I was on beach in Thailand mocking the age I just reached tonight

and anytime anyone asked me the time I’d look at my imaginary watch

and mock shock screaming

“Oh my God I’m forty!”

as though it was some kind of a joke.

Now I see this midnight side of forty

not to mock age

but hope to reach it.

Ageing never loses its timing

but it does lose its hair.


Future’s Aftertaste

It all starts now

the entire future of our entire universe

starts right now

it has to start some time

and I’m starting with soup

and the entire future started

six lines before

and here we are

staring at the menu


yet too afraid to order

the entree

knowing the house usually overcooks the steak

and pasta el dente usually comes with teeth

still here we are

because here we have to be

but we still have to see the menu

so we

can order up our future

to the taste of the house

and hope the chef

gets it right.