Monthly Archives: October 2015

Fucking Covalent Bonds

Chemistry is the most romantic of all subjects

I’m a dumb poet and even I know it

Chemistry kicks poetry’s ass

even the great Shakespeare art his best can’t touch

a nuclear sunset

and don’t you find you write better with your favorite pen?

Why is that?

Why does one pen write on one piece of paper

but not on another?

Don’t you find you write better with one certain pen?

What aren’t inanimate objects telling us?

It’s all chemistry

even if you know your covalent bonds or not

know we share the same electrons

as we hold each other

in this wet bed.

You Should See the Other Guy

Life counts down one day at a time

while the invisible referee

armed with only a whistle and a scythe

counts up

while we’re face down on the mat

looking up at the stars

and little birdies that circle our heads

and you think I look bad?

you should see the other guy

the guy that got hit by the bus today

I took the bus today

the bus did not take me

not yet

you think I’m morbid?

you should see the other guy

half my age

already thinking he’s middle aged

and eating his vegetables already.











Songs You Take With You

Some songs you take with you

some songs you sing by heart

songs that live in you and are part

of you

songs that burrow deeper than mere ear worms

songs that sing you

as much as you sing them

the song you want to get married to

the song you could die to

the song that you would have written had you ever learned to play guitar

this song I sing along


this is that song

though you can’t hear it

but trust me you feel it

cause it’s that song for you

but it isn’t

cause your song isn’t my song

but they both do their voodoo that they do so well

so we know how much Cole Porter can mean to a true fan

though one of us loves Aerosmith

and your song is Love In An Elevator

and you’re an idiot.