Monthly Archives: April 2015

Because I Know Nothing

Because I know everything

I know nothing

cause Socrates said he knew nothing

and he was the smartest of us all

and if he knew nothing

except the something

that he knew nothing

really what hope do I have

to think I know what I think

arrogant bastard


or he


I think

I know





My Drunk Abusive Muse

I’m writing this with a gun to my head

don’t worry

it’s not my gun

I’m not suicidal

I’m a hostage

and my terrorist wants me to write a poem

I hope she likes it

I’d worry but English isn’t her first language

so maybe she’ll find meaning in the meaningless

and I’ll live to write again.

Jackie Robinson Day

I love Jesus

though I’m no Christian

I like my Jesus manly

not so saintly as the Christians depict him to be

turn the other cheek, sure

but at what cost

my favorite baseball player is Jackie Robinson

the Jesus of baseball

the hell he took

to open the door for everybody

when Jackie signed on to The Dodgers he asked:

“Do you want a player without the guts to fight back?”

Branch Rickey responded:

“No, I want a player with guts not to fight back.”

That’s Jackie. That’s Jesus. That’s guts.

That’s what makes them saints

Jesus threw the money lenders out of the temple on the Sabbath

that’s what made Jackie explode after the man offered him watermelon

that’s what made them men

they wanted to fight

all the bigotry

but they both held back

to let others fight for history.


When Love Becomes a Funereal Procession

This song is a ghost

haunting me wherever I go

no film or color or photo

can torture me

as much as these notes

sung through these speakers

I must mute

but cannot

cause that would be killing what we were

for you live in these lyrics

and I die a little

every time I hear them

so out of respect to what we were

I accept what is


though these words sing of two

I know

after such a love affair

only one can remain standing

and sitting here

I wonder if it’s


or if




Traveling Blind

I never travel with a travel guide

the Lonely Planet

the Bible of travelers

is not a faith I follow

because everywhere I am in Asia

I see other foreigners with their noses buried in its pages

and I think

I got here without it

what’s your deal?

Get your head out of the book

look around

and you’ll see where you want to go.

Making Love to Celestial Bodies

Once we put faces to the stars

as constellations

we grew bigger than the heavens

thinking we could create patterns

from chaos

comes science that discovered chemical equations

from H2O to the the H-bomb


we’re still looking up at the night’s sky


where we belong.