Monthly Archives: September 2015

Fall For Fall

When spiritus mundi

gets so selfish

with too many I love yous

when we love one from the other

we can’t love everyone and everything the same way

cause then we’d lose the magic

and the misdirect of falling for someone

magician or lover

and we all fall for the trick

and like rabbits

we get pulled from a hat

and go at it like ourselves

and after the trick is over

we’re left with kids

and then we learn the real trick is raising them.



Brushing Up Next to a Beautiful Stranger on a Subway

The last thing we need is the first thing I need

when we don’t need anything

I need


without it I’m gone

and so would you be

when we share this life

isn’t this exciting

that of all the sentient beings ever to be

in this history

we get to be

here a

t the same time

and still we choose to ignore each other

even though we’re sitting next to each other

on this crowded subway

so deep under ground

life up top is less intimidating

than your shirt sleeve next to me.

These Bookends of Infinity

We are all limited by infinity

when there are as many prime numbers

as there are stars in a human body

one then three when five becomes seven becomes eleven when thirteen is zen sometimes

and our cadence is right where we left it

when we trek across this universe

without a map or a Bible

when so many Christians are afraid

to humanize their God

to reveal his lowest common denominator

when we remember thirteen is a prime number

call it unlucky

while Jesus and his disciples

ate for free

when we picked up the tab.

Oh The Places You Won’t Go

Twisted road signs

after a tornado

say the exact opposite way of what they’re supposed to say

so when you think you’re pointed north bound

you’re bumping into penguins now

and you’re not even in Pittsburgh

sometimes gravity goes sideways

while whirlwinds wind their winds around

your town

and suddenly everything is upside down

until you walk away

and see

that where you wanted to go

wasn’t where you were supposed to go

so you got there