Monthly Archives: September 2014

Waltzing Pangea

I know why Pangea broke apart

but I’m not saying

that’s not what this is about

that’s not even the beginning

of this

though it’s part of it


a free for all

a freefall

to now

to know

how one continent became seven

or five became six

depending on who you’re asking


we can’t even agree on how many pieces became of


believed in and on all continents


how many continents it birthed


on the eye of the beholder.

Greatest Post Since My Last Post

“Greatest thing since sliced bread”

bread was first sliced in 1928

therefore 1928 was the greatest year ever

until you hear

that sliced bread was advertised as:

“The Greatest Forward Step in the Baking Industry since Bread Was Wrapped.”

So, the day bread was wrapped must be even greater than the day it was sliced

cause if the day bread was sliced was better than the day it was wrapped

they would have just advertised it as the greatest day ever.

So, why don’t we say: ‘it’s the greatest thing since bread was wrapped’?

And really how great has it been since bread came sliced anyway?

Sliced bread means more people eating more breads and spreads

like jams and jellies and jiggling bellies

swinging like lazy hammocks

over our bathing suits.

“The greatest thing since the treadmill”

might be the phrase to get us back in shape.