3 Most Important Things In The World

The top news of the day

Adorable girl plays with rescued pony

on top of

Kim Kardashian storms out of Vienna Ball

third headline was

Man wakes up in body bag at funeral home

these are the three most important things in the world

according to msn.com

and so I watched videos and read these stories

and now I am up to date with the news

though don’t ask me anything political

unless you want a run down on the ten best dressed world leaders

don’t get me on the controversy of Michelle Obama coming in at number one

I also clicked through thirty pictures of ‘ugly celebrities’ with their makeup off

again Michelle Obama at number one

I’m starting to think that maybe msn.com is slightly biased for the Americans

cause don’t ask me any more about, say,  Asia, than Jackie Chan

and I know Africa is out there somewhere

but please don’t ask me to point out where

I get all my news from msn.com

so I know

there’s a Rob Ford parody float featured in the Mardi Gras parade

don’t tell me

I don’t know

what’s going on.


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