Somewhere Between Bombing and Dying

Mamdouh told the acting class a funny story

without realizing he was doing a bit of comedy

by the time he’d finished the story he had the whole class laughing

his teacher told him: that’s your first comedy bit!

“What’s a bit?” asked Mamdouh seeing as English wasn’t his first language

the teacher explained and then asked him to do it again, this time on his feet

Mamdouh got up and walked to the front of the class and immediately stopped smiling.

He was nervous

cause suddenly he had to perform the story with the expectation that it is going to be


taking the leap from story telling to stand up comedy

and he bombed

his retelling of the story got no laughs

his delivery completely changed when he was on his feet

“What changed?” the teacher asked him. “It’s the same story. Why not the same you?”

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