Lost Light

The world’s been mapped

satellites circumnavigate this sphere a thousand times a day

so we can read license plates a thousand miles away

and still

street lights are oblivious to the traffic flow

and stop me even though I’m the only one on the street at 4 a.m

late getting to the airport

thank God the heart is left to program itself

so I can fall out of the sky

a rusted, busted satellite



and having the good sense to ignore sense

artists of all breeds

the painters, the poets, the musicians have all proved themselves illiterate trying to design

bisect and dissect love

in works they produced by themselves at lonely desks

through lonely canvasses and carcasses

while we fly above them all with that first kiss

which sparked electronic tectonic tidal waves

splashing like fingers of fire

sweeping across the water’s skin

brighter than the fingernail of God

playing in the waves

of the oceans of the heavens

that came crashing out of the sky

like the Ganges

as the river chases itself

round and round

as satellites follow themselves round fixed in ruts in space

I pull up to the airport parking lot

jump out of the car

and spirit through automatic sliding doors

to find you

returned to me.


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