The One Who Got Away

Moving right along the brain says to the fingers

though the fingers have no idea where they are headed

but as always the blood pumps them up and down

and the white and red blood cells are tyrants

causing oxidation or cancer or whatever the hell they conspire to

create right under your thin skin

and she’s still there

the one that got away.

But what a ridiculous expression

when she never would have come back even if you had
caught her

no one gets away.

They leave.

Do you get that, Narrator?

People don’t escape unless they’re hostages.

People leave or people stay.

That’s it.

Only lucky hostages get away

So don’t let this whole poem be about the one that got away

cause that means you’re a terrorist

and she’s a victim and we’re all better than that

and let’s get back to the writing and stop being so self indulgent.


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