Drama Homework

I majored in staring


I studied Drama

as much as Drama studied me

and the professors homework for us

was to “watch people

study them

act like them.”

So I sat and stared and got good at being creepy

and when asked if I had done my homework I would answer:

“Sure, I watched a lot of people yesterday.

I saw a guy argue with a sandwich

it changed my life.”

Now perspective proves I’m great at creating drama

especially when drama is not necessary

cause I was a good student

so if you say something don’t be surprised when I fly off the handle

because that’s what I learned

that is the reaction I saw

perhaps in retrospect

I shouldn’t have stared at the maniacs north of Princess Street in Kingston

but that’s where I did my most of my homework

and overreacting at the drop of a hat or a beer bottle

has now been imprinted

and here I am writing my defense

why I was a good student

and a great actor

and a terrible date.


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