This Was Always Coming to This

We all knew this was coming to this

problem is this this is different

from this this

that for each of us trying to describe this this

or any other this that you might want to know even on just a casual basis.


This was that and this will be this even when this is that.

This is everything.

His was this’s last word and it’s next

this gets around

this was just here and just here

this is wherever you call this that

and that is everything else that is not this

just like this is the fourteenth line but if we’d hiccupped together we’d be somewhere further along the


a lot can get coughed up in a hiccup

if this chapter was a physical or verbal response to life it would be a burp:

loud, blunt and saying nothing else

beyond the onomatopoeia

and he knew you were an assassin before you kissed him on the cheek

and said welcome to this story


so, who’s sorry now?

Sounds like someone different from whom we initially buried

does that mean we’ll eventually blame something or someone new next?

I’m an optimist

so I hope so.  



4 thoughts on “This Was Always Coming to This

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Sure, there are so many potential assassins. Hell, in my country of Canada more people get killed by people they know than by strangers.
      Or, were you defining panoply by the amount of cheeks that the victim had? Sure, the victim was over 400 pounds so you could interpret his cheeks as symptom and cause to his assassin, a cardiac arrest.


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