By This Time Friday Night

My mind by this time Friday night can go anywhere

and here we are

even if you’re not reading this I imagine you are

and you know who you are

just like I know who you are and here we are

alone together

where do you want to go from here?


obviously cause here

is where we choose to be

or we wouldn’t be here

oh, sure, we can call ourselves hostages

to falling to gravity

till we stand up for ourselves

and put our dukes up

our hands to the piano’s keyboard till eventually the piano falls on our heads


at least we tried

and at most

we tried

and does this make us eyes wide open explorers or blind?

Or somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean

and Christopher Columbus is standing on deck of the Santa Maria looking up at the stars

and trusts they will lead him to India

till bumping into the Bahamas wrote the character who called himself

The Writer

though now he wonders if he is Bahamas.


But at least he didn’t try

he didn’t feel the need to whip out a map to define his feet

and he knew just like the stars are not above him his feet are not below him.


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