To Have Read Red In Chinese

Everything is in Chinese

until you learn Chinese

and see


is foreign

when you read

the language

and believe

we all speak

in primary colors

blue and yellow always make green

and you’ve read


in Chinese

is the same



you’ve always seen.


6 thoughts on “To Have Read Red In Chinese

  1. kvennarad


    In Welsh there are words for ‘blue’ and grey’, but it turns out that the dividing line between them in Welsh perception is different from that in English. Who knows – maybe there are things in Chinese that are equally false friends to the translator…

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      There are 26 characters to the English alphabet. Chinese has 48,000. Imagine singing the Chinese equivalent of the ABC song in Chinese. You’d start today and finish when you’re 50.

      1. cottonbombs Post author

        Sure, and at last check, the monkeys have only completed the first two acts of Titus Andronicus, so, these monkeys need to really bear down.

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