Let There Be Dark

Darkness was doing just fine without light

as memory was managing alright before it was told of last night’s tragedy

of the plane crash made memory


we weren’t even there to remember

it doesn’t matter

when the one you love

went down

swallowed by ground

though we know

we all go south


death always has such poor timing

though hope can always be stored in the overhead compartment

we never know which direction we will go

could be north

could be south

so pack your parka

and bikini.





6 thoughts on “Let There Be Dark

  1. Roshan

    It was a sad tragedy and reminded me of sad memories. Death always has such poor timing .
    And this is life, you never know when or where or how you die, so let’s live until last moment.

  2. kvennarad

    My agent just told me it was 18 deg.C at Gullfoss, and 0 deg.C with wind-chill just down the road on Langjökull. Yep, he’s visiting Iceland. Bikini and parka.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Bikini and parka, it’s a good look. Sounds like a summer afternoon in Canada. They say if you don’t like the weather, just wait fifteen minutes.

      1. cottonbombs Post author

        Of course, weather is crazy everywhere. We all complain about it, but, no one ever does anything about it. That’s why I’m writing this with one hand, while the other is spraying “DOWN WITH WEATHER” everywhere with graffiti cans spraying “DOWN WITH THE OZONE” everywhere else.

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