Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Hot

So many seasons to sew

harvesting last Winter

keeping its ice in my freezer

to cool my beer

the Anti Christ to my Summer

cause I’m blessed to be drunk on this hot as hell Summer’s day

smiling and sunburned

knowing with no photo

I’ll never remember this day

still Summer dies and Autumn dies and Winter gives way to painful memory

and painful future.

But I didn’t crack open that first beer to toast Winter

it would be sacrilegious on such a glorious Summer’s day

I’m just musing at the fact that the reason my beer tastes so good

is that it’s been chilling in the same ice that I scraped off the frozen ground

last January

then six months later I get my revenge

making this ice bleed out

slain by this Summer sun

giving me an invisible sweater to wear into the next Polar Vortex

stitched to my memory that no matter how sharp the ice is

Summer always slays Winter




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