We Are The ‘I’ In Team

Nothing gets us out of our seats

more than sports

not science, art, nor, politics

nothing gets us cheering nor flag waving like winning

an Olympic gold medal or a World Cup

and though we didn’t vote for our winner

still Team Canada beat Team Sweden

this win only affects our us as much as we let it

unlike politics

which can throw down the War Measures Act

any time it wants

stripping us of our civil liberties

leaving us naked to its authority

like in October 1970

when the army lined the streets in Montreal

in uniform

destroying any sense of unity this country could see

until 1972

when Montreal’s goalie

lead a hockey team dressed in Team Canadian red and whites

to victory over the Soviets

and for one night

we were all from the same country

giving future generations

that sensation that good things are going to come

knowing they have a great shot

at winning

when wearing the colours of the country

we get alchemy

and we believe

red and white

can turn gold

from sea to shining sea.


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