Songs Shot Through a Silencer

I just heard a song

that reminded me of a melody

I wrote in the last century

(the 20th, still our bloodiest)

and I still forget how my song goes

I know it was the best song I ever wrote

still I sit here so many years later

with only the aftertaste of what once was

like sucking on pennies

and though this song lives within me

I’m filled with frustration that this song is long gone

and its aftertaste reminds me

of what was

and even when I spit out the blood

I know its bruise hasn’t healed

though I can’t find it anywhere on my body

I feel I need its rhythm to save me

from what was once and what could be

but at this midnight I hear nothing

except the whispers of the wind that has passed

catching nothing more than the breeze through the leaves

leaving me with this silent poetry.


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