When The Monster Makes His Creator

I wish I was as smart as I think I am

ignorance is bliss: that’s my motto

except when I think I know better

I wish I was smart enough to know what fools know

I want my tombstone to read: Wait Here, I’ll Be Right Back

I could care less about my apathy but I just don’t feel like it

of the seven deadly sins, sloth takes the least amount of effort

but it doesn’t take energy to compute data

but it takes energy to erase data

erasure is an important step in computation

karma is just like luck you can control

I smile at someone they smile back

“Love is a reciprocal torture”  said Prust

this is true in relationships and hockey

while science has made victims of us all

the new plague isn’t from rats but from factories that manufacture rat poison

while we romance technology

where Guitar Hero is played more than guitar

we’re the reverse of Frankenstein

now it’s the monster reanimating the man

I wonder if God made us in His image if He ever believed in magic.


6 thoughts on “When The Monster Makes His Creator

      1. formyfrog

        You’re welcome. I remembered right after I posted the comment that you don’t like it when people say you’re work is funny (it should be self-evident). Sorry about that, but it is, um, funny. (smiles)

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