Maps Written in Greek

Where are we when we get lost?

How I love to be found lost

alone, on a foreign street

I think even if I don’t know where I am

how can anyone else in this world?

Playing hide and seek with God and humanity

though I know I’ll be found eventually

those few seconds slinking between unknown city streets

giving me such a great sense of timelessness

that I can be anywhere in this universe

and I choose to be here

with no idea where here is

and I’m half a step ahead of all calls

and a half a step behind God

that maybe if I step on His heel

He’ll look back and miss me

and I’ll carry on

along the streets of wherever

without a care

of whatever hell or hangover wait for me

and even when checking with the Lonely Planet

and even when that Bible is written in Greek

it will read:

you are exactly where you need to be.


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