Roam in Rome

It’s only 6:50 but it feels like forever

when I know forever is still two hours away

still this side of dusk

neon lights highlight

secrets of the shadows

surrounding the Coliseum

shadows shine upon these walls

of a building kept alive by good genes

and tourism

thick with ghosts who were taught to live again

through the eyes of foreigners who pay a pretty penny

to see the legacy of a dead Empire

to see what they believe they want to see

even Catholics

believe even with the Vatican City so close

the pagans who built these walls

are worth visiting

seeing the ground where gladiators fought to the death

none taught to turn the other cheek

dying, praying to the same God who inspired the earth that built these bricks

two thousand years later their blood long dried

and how many of their souls have returned

to become taxi drivers taking their passengers to see where they last lost a fight to a lion

so many years


they got stiffed a tip.


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