To write tonight is a miracle

under the shadow of a volcano

that knows enough to keep sleeping

to be dreaming

than to wake to kill us all

on these streets of Napoli

there is no escape

from the nightmare of mighty Vesuvius

who could open her eye at any time

her mouth last swallowed two whole cities whole

two thousand years ago for man

a catnap for a mountain.

Now in 2014 to walk through the ruins of Pompeii

with its killer looming on the horizon

is the definition of optimism

is the hope of not today

saved from 79 A.D.

these people had no reference to the mortal power

of the mountain of fire that brooded over them

living in such lush land

where tangerines grow in January

so many sleeping when this volcano


throwing off covers

blankets of ashen fire.





with the dream that when the volcano awakes

it will not be



2 thoughts on “Pompeii

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      That’s not what I’d put on the tourist brochures, but it is succinct to my feeling of living at the mouth of a mountain of death. I’m also afraid of peacocks, so, what do I know?


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