The Death of Birthdays

Today I’m 39

yesterday I was 38

tomorrow will I be 40?

How much I’ve aged in a single day

subjective in its objectiveness

lost in the shuffle

of sunrises and sunsets

of timelessness

cause where I started counting up

ain’t where the rest of us started counting up

or down

and at 39

I’m not sure if I should start counting up

or counting down

cause statistically speaking

(though statistics and politicians are the biggest liars)

I’m halfway to somewhere

where I don’t know where I’m going

where I don’t know when I’ll ever know if I’ll ever get there

or if I’ll ever get back

so go know nothing of what’s coming

comforting myself wrapping myself in yesterday’s newspaper

knowing the only thing that will rub off on me is the ink.


2 thoughts on “The Death of Birthdays

  1. steve

    What birthday blues. Bummer to hear about Halladay. Maybe the Jays can twist his one day contract into something longer, but i doubt it based on what i read about Halladay’s pre game rituals. He doesn’t mess around.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Halladay’s retirement was like the loss of the 1986 Angels in the ALCS. It hurt even though I saw them both coming. I’m in kind of a mourning period baseball-wise. Winter’s a good time for melancholy. But, we know what Spring brings. Great to hear from you, Steve.


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