Fall Down Funny

Tearing through jungle

legs carrying me as fast as this thick slick red mud will allow

feet slip, slide, glide over this bloody ground without ever losing footing or slowing down

the secret to balancing running over such soaked earth is

to accept its terrain

don’t expect this terrain to accept you

let the land lead you

never try to lead the land when the land is soup beneath you

and if you find yourself falling

go with the flow

don’t fight the fall


flexing your muscles at impact is the greatest mistake most make

too late

falling into the lake from four feet

is not the same as belly flopping from forty thousand feet


but, checking the Guinness Book of World Records

reading of the stewardess who survived a 40,000 foot fall

gives hope to us all who find themselves falling

letting go

cause there’s nothing

to hold on to

except for hope or fear

and it’s fear that causes the muscles to freeze

to tense to become brittle

hope is the thing with feathers

hope is light

hope can fly

hope is a paper plane set free from the hand of a four year old

ready to discover sky.


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