Black Whole Soul

Throw a brick or a Bible

through a satellite window

and they’ll fall at the same speed

or they won’t fall at all

if so far out in the atmosphere

where gravity is no where to be seen

for fear

the stars are no longer above us

circling into us

we swallow this Milky Way

as we’re dined on by our own black hole

devouring us whole

we’re a universe within a universe

that creates as it destroys entire galaxies within me

simply eating my milk and cookies

I snack on reality

as it sneaks in me.


6 thoughts on “Black Whole Soul

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Betty! Lovely to read you back! I’ve been having fun playing more but posting less. Baseball season kind of dictates how much I write. My team was supposed to play the championship game today, but it’s been raining since yesterday, so, we’re rescheduled for next Saturday. If the skies are clear next week, we’ll win our last game of the year and I’ll also win more time for writing. And how about you? Do you find there’s any season that inspires more or less writing?


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