It Just Looks Abstract

Amazing how so little paint can change so much

when you learn when it was painted.

I have an abstract painting on my wall

that is not abstract at all when you know

it was painted September 11th, 2001

then you see the impact against the World Trade Center

and suddenly abstract has lost all its meaning

and you become me

and tragedy becomes beauty

even when you don’t want it to be

when you were there

8:46 a.m Tuesday September 11, 2001

stepping on to the Brooklyn Bridge

and you see the first plane hit the tower and you still went walking to work

this paining is no longer splattered by paint

but blood

in veins of cold blue paint

and you can’t look away

remembering how you’d seen the first plane as an accident

and it wasn’t until seeing the second plane hitting the second tower

that you saw the meaning of the first

and turned back for the bridge

to take you across the river

to take you home

to turn on the tv

to give meaning to what you’d just seen

and you don’t see the millions of pixels spinning in frenzied looms

to sow reality together

from fabric shredded by the Big Bang’s bloom.


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