Come Back, June (We Miss You)

I wonder if June knew she had been invited weeks ago

where is she?

By now

we should find ourselves

in the throws of a Summer sunset

sunlight lapping against the pavement like

warm waters upon tropical surf

sea flirting with sand

running his fingers through her hair

like a cool breeze to beat that mean heat

that sticks to your skin

like you were first shampooing with boiling asphalt

then you turned the faucet to cold and found mercy

in the cooling pools of God’s love

in the disguise of a shower tap

or a sweet Summer’s breeze;

now, in this frosty mist

so out of place and unwanted this deep into June

a hot breeze would breathe life into these shivering fingers

who curl to fists to keep warm deep in my jacket pockets

who wears a Winter’s jacket in Summer?

I do when Summer forgets to show up for her own birthday party

giving me her best cold shoulder

leaving me cold and alone to write unrequited love poems

to the season who doesn’t love me back.

6 thoughts on “Come Back, June (We Miss You)

  1. yourothermotherhere

    I had just been wondering what happened to you, if you were doing a grand comedy tour of Europe or what. I’m glad to see your post today.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Thank you for wondering. Unfortunately my grand comedy tour of Europe was cancelled when they heard I can’t speak French. It’s the same reason I can’t be Prime Minister of Canada.

      1. yourothermotherhere

        Well you know, you are in my top 3 favorite bloggers and when you aren’t there, I do miss you. I realize there is nothing I can do for you if there is something wrong, but I do send you good thoughts if they are of any help.

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