Who Dreams of Vishnu?

Finding if I got here writing

these words we now spent

sharing the same time and space

I got here by hook and by crook

yet you got here by guide book

crafting this draft which seeps beneath these sheets

we love on

now think of the ink stained upon these streets of papery pages

that leads the idiots and the sages

to these latest rages

of the ages

this zeitgeist

is to live in cages

but these cages do not contain us

in these same dimensions

beyond first, second, third and fourth

there are as many ranges

as there are brains who contain us

and our minds are Vishnu

who dreams of me and you

all this

and our dreams, too

so don’t blame me if I don’t blame you

for me arriving so late

for our dinner date

let’s just be happy we share the view.


4 thoughts on “Who Dreams of Vishnu?

      1. cottonbombs Post author

        That’s a good thing, cause I am in no mood for sensible comments tonight. In fact, I logged on to the site saying to myself, “If there’s a single sensible comment, I ain’t responding to it.”

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