A Guide Book To Guide Books

Wandering wondering which way to go

though there’s no doubt what way to go

though I don’t know

where’s the difference any way?

I wonder while I wander without giving any kind of guide book any kind of look

I wander Japan to India without any kind of look at any guide book

seeing so many backpackers wandering with their guide books giving clues


if I got here blind, why can’t you?

And everywhere I go I find backpackers lugging about their big fat guide books

and I know guide book or not

we share this same view

and if Columbus had taken a guide book

he’d have left the right way to steer

and we’d never have been found



right here.


2 thoughts on “A Guide Book To Guide Books

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Smart. I learned that the best way to stop sales people on the street is not to run from them, but, approach them and try and sell them something first.


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