Science Is History

Columbus sailed on an ocean of faith

trusting his ships were mightier than any storm

believing the curve of the horizon’s frown

was actually fortune smiling upon him

for being first for seeing

that if the earth was flat

the horizon’s spine wouldn’t curve like that

and though we now know

Columbus wasn’t the first to cross the Atlantic

our History books are still frantically saying so

we get lost when we start teaching History like Math

“Those who forget their History are doomed to repeat it”


but unlike Math

in History

one plus one doesn’t always equal two

just read Columbus’s slide ruler

he thought he’d set his sights for India

and finding America

found himself by getting lost.


4 thoughts on “Science Is History

  1. Guðrún Hildur

    And maybe this is the best way to find one self, to get lost somewhere. But not to “get lost”


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