And This Dream Shifts

I had just finished tying the snake around the mountain

when the demons came for my potion

then Vishnu’s dream shifts like a kaleidoscope’s sand

and there I am in the Ganges with fifty million of the faithful

cleansing our souls eternal

bathing in this stream of consciousness

and in the rising tide

currents carrying me past bodies of memories bobbing up and down

so old and water logged

I can’t even see what they used to mean to me

they could mean anything

all I know is what I used to believe

is now make believe

and what I used to see as hazy

this horizon dissecting this sky and sea

under a sun so mean

why I trust my eyes as far as I can throw them

knowing the horizon is not really swimming in the heat

the horizon doesn’t even exist

it’s just a fine line traced by this mind

these lies my eyes devise

to parallel truth

as the earth chases the sun

like this puppy dog chases his tail

after awhile

you start to root for the puppy dog

“Come on, puppy! Catch your tail!”

Then the puppy catches his tail

then what?

We need to let go to hold on

to what we love

when even dreams seem real

some times realer than this reel of reality

like moon light shining upon the silver screen.


2 thoughts on “And This Dream Shifts

  1. Tonu

    If History was taught as is Math we could discuss ‘logical’ and ‘non-logical’ axioms (both valid if used correctly). Columbus well knew, as did all educated people of his era, that the earth was a sphere — he just was innumerate and thus messed up the theorem:-)

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      1 + 1 = 2 regardless of your ethnicity. But read a 20th Century History textbook from Japan then compare the same years to a Korean textbook and you will find 1 + 1 = whatever the publishers chose to print. Columbus said to hell with theory, let’s put all this Math and History into practice and see what happens.


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