The Poem Outlives The Poet

Judging reality by reality

is like the police policing the police

this is what for metaphor

this is what we invented poetry for

this is how we see dreams

even bad poetry it seems

can reduce this earth to ashes

as the bad poet

(though a good human being, which, in a verse all to itself, tells why he’s a bad poet)

and this bad poet smokes delicious cigarettes

inventing rhymes

that will fit in to no times

sparked by the times

he felt words he could not spell

hell has no purr like a bad poet reciting the curse of his verse

the audience felt collectively

as he came to the ending of his Ode to a Shoe Horn

and the audience started to laugh

and the poet became the reluctant comedian

knowing no one respects the jester

and no one quotes Shakespeare’s comedies

remembering it’s his tragedies we remember

bodies mapped by scars

literature wrapped in wars

gives our souls peace

to reach such misery

misery we need

to know when to laugh at the bad poet

misery we need

to know when to cry at the great poem.

2 thoughts on “The Poem Outlives The Poet

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