The Magic of Reality

I was five years old when I found out there was no Santa Claus

my sister and I asked mom point blank:

Is there a Santa Claus?

Then we realized the gravity of the question so we asked:

Wait! Wait! If there’s no Santa, do we still get presents?

Why do we feel the need to lie to kids about Christmas?

For the magic of Christmas?

Jesus Christ is the magic of Christmas!

Check it:

his virgin birth was announced by angels

he grows up to walk on water,

turns water into wine,

comes back from the dead,

biggest comeback in the history of history…

what’s Santa got?

Some fat old factory worker

some slave driver factory boss

bossing around his little minions, the other elves

making them work even on Christmas

Jesus didn’t manufacture his miracles in a factory

He could do them with his mind

yet we sit the kids on Santa’s knee to confess what they want for Christmas

and we keep the lie going till the kids are nine, ten, twelve years old when we tell them:

Ok, you’re old enough to learn the truth: everything you know is a lie.

And we wonder why we have trust issues

raised to believe in elves who slave their entire lives making presents for us

what for, our imagination?

Reality is inspiring, hell, it inspired this

lamenting on all the time and money spent on Santa Claus parades

watching Santa movies, reading Santa books

we should be opening up a map with our kids and teaching them about the world

I asked my fourteen year old nephew last week: what’s the largest continent?

He said: Mexico.

And in a room full of fourteen year olds, none knew

one kid said: Hong Kong

and another corrected him: It’s King Kong, you idiot!

We did this to these children

we have failed them in their education

cause, though, in a room full of fourteen and fifteen year olds,

none knew enough to say: Asia

however, all could name all eight of Santa’s reindeer.


5 thoughts on “The Magic of Reality

  1. kvennarad

    I happen to believe in God (I know, I know…) and so I always told my offspring that Santa didn’t exist. My thinking was this: If I lied to them, and later I told them actually he doesn’t exist, they would say, “We thought so – same goes for that God bloke too, right?” Anyhow, they persistently believed in Santa and were consistently agnostic about God, so big fail for mum. But at least they knew I wasn’t actually lying to them. šŸ™‚


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