The Chemistry of Echoes

I never got further than the door

then her song came on the radio

a song that will chase me through shadows

and through the blinds

fingering the floor

the sway of the branches

gives the shadows the look of squeezing and letting go of the room

and I’m crushed to death in their grasp

and then set free to escape

though I can’t move

the sound of her is stronger than me

and the weight of the weightlessness

is overpowering

which I wouldn’t feel

if I’d never felt gravity

a song I’d never known

if we hadn’t made love to its melody

and now she’s less alive than this chorus is

which sings of reincarnation

and maybe she’s right

cause here I am again

with her memory

one foot out the door

the other in her grave

though she still lives and breathes

she’s deceased to me

and most of the time I never think of her at all

till her song comes on

and I come in her

and she comes in me


years later

she gives birth

to this memory.

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