Nature’s Second Nature

The Sea of Tranquility

doesn’t even know its own name

Lake Superior doesn’t know it’s the biggest lake in North America

doesn’t care it’s the second largest lake in the world

those are the facts of men

more concerned with making geography than making reality

like size matters to lakes and to tributaries

like Lake Superior lives up to its name

simply by being there

its very existence makes its point

its water we define as the greatest of the Great Lakes

still the Caspian Sea is so much superior than Lake Superior

so big we call it a sea cause it is too big to comprehend in lake form

though its water is fresh and fits all the criteria


it’s so big we gotta name it something else

so we call it a sea

out of respect and out of fear

God created nature

but man named it

in a vain attempt to shape it

and make it



4 thoughts on “Nature’s Second Nature

  1. kvennarad

    I need to categorise the world thus: features (mountains, lakes, oceans, cities, deserts, arable farmland…) first number set; size, second number set; geographical area or continent, third number set. Thus what was hitherto known as ‘Lake Superior’ is now 02:02:021.


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