What We Do With The Lights Off

Loving this world is like loving your lover’s bad haircut

the face is still beautiful

the soul is still your mate

but, why did they go to that hair dresser?

Look, you go cheap, you get cheap


not that you look cheap, sweetheart

but I know how beautiful you can be

if you just took a bit more care

you could be a real beauty.

Ultimately true love never leaves even when she packs up her bags and fleas

and the length of your love is still so much longer than this bad hair cut

hair like love will grow

unless she’s bald

or he’s got alopecia and halitosis

then love proves even ugly can be a beauty

and physicality only gets in the way of spirituality

when we can’t see through this veil of flesh

when we see Salome’s soul

we will save our prophets

and so ourselves.

To love without sight

is why we turn off the lights

before we kiss good night.


4 thoughts on “What We Do With The Lights Off

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      I was going to spell it the other way, but, it came out with the ‘a’ and the mistake made me laugh, so I kept it in. There, a 35 word response to your 1 word question.


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