What’s Up God’s Sleeve

I learned my first magic trick today

sure, I gained one more trick up my sleeve

to pull any time I am desperate for attention

which is most of the time

and I only have so many weapons

so it’s good to stock up the arsenal.

Still, I feel like a little kid after hearing there’s no Santa

learning there’s really no magic

only tricks

like the lady never really gets sawed in half

there is another set of legs sticking out of a second box

kicking me straight in the head

opening my eyes wide

to find believing in the trick

is the trick

and it’s more fun to be tricked

than to trick.

I wonder if God made us in His image

if He ever believed in magic.

4 thoughts on “What’s Up God’s Sleeve

  1. Anahi

    Nice :D. I’m sure God is the best magician, early or late we realize that everything has a hidden trick inside…


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